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And calling the crowd to him with his disciples, he said to them, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

This is not always easy to do in a world such as ours.  To put this simply it means that we must put our desires aside for a while and make some personal sacrifices in order to meet the needs of others.  When we help make others dreams come true before or own we have then taken up our cross and followed Christ. 

We now have a forum where you may go and share what others have done for you that has touched your life in a significant way.  You may also go to the forum to find ideas of ways that you too could touch the life of another.  This is not a place to share what you have done but instead one where you may share how others have reached out in love toward you. 


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Birthday Parties      Church Functions

                                                School Programs    Parades /Festivals

 Special Occasions  

All profits from the above activities are donated to Feeding Hungry Children and
Providing Bibles for those who need one.

Call or Email to book an event!!!! 


Moses is giving children cart rides at the 2005 annual 127 Yard Sale.  He earned  $75.00 in proceeds which  has been donated to the Westside Community United Methodist Church.  

We only charged $2.00 a ride so he worked hard that day giving 35 rides.  What a good sport he is!!

KY State Championship Mule and Donkey Show


Fall Festival

Annual Pumpkin Patch Party 
October 15th, 2005
Each year a party is provided for several of the young children in the area.  We were invited to be the main attraction this year.  20 children were in attendance.  The neighbors were more amazed than the children.  They made a party out of it themselves and congregated on their porches with refreshments and enjoyed waiving and talking to the children while marveling at Moses and his cart.

Danville Christmas Parade
"The City of Firsts", "Birthplace of the Bluegrass"

Palm Sunday

Kentucky Horse Park
Stars and Stripes BreyerFest 2007

An Evening Shared with Senior Citizens

George Town Parade
Festival of the Horse 2007

Stanford Christmas Parade

Haitian Mission Trip 2008
Our Ministry is now hoping to provide living water for the Haitians and their livestock through the drilling of a well.

Chad and his new friend Jason
2008 Haitian Trip

Haitians getting water for their families at a well.

Taking pictures with the children.  They LOVED seeing themselves on the camera. 

Bible Ministry

     Just as the donkey carries a cross we too have our own crosses to bear, some heavier than others.  Looking further one might also notice that the cross upon the donkey marks the exact center of his being.  I believe this is to be a sign for us.  When we place Christ in the center of our lives he is faithful to carry our burdens if only we would turn them over to him.  In a town called Bethlehem a donkey such as this carried the word in.  Later he carried the word to Calvary and now he has carried it to many of you.  If you have received a Bible at a donkey show, special event, occasion, or from someone who picked one up just for you, know that a special prayer has been said each day on your behalf.   You can find the number of your Bible listed below along with the daily prayer that goes out for you.

     You may also email me with any special prayer requests and I will add them to my personal prayer list.  I would be glad to post any requests if you so desire. 


The prayer goes something like this: Lord I pray that those who were faithful to your call and have received one of the Bibles listed below will hunger for the revelation knowledge of you which comes through your Word.  I ask Lord that they will desire to have a closer relationship with you.  Bless their home with peace, joy, hope, etc.  Protect their family from the hand of Satan.  Lord I pray too that you will heal them of any physical, emotional, and/or financial problems that they may be encountering.   Show them that your word will reveal to them the true purpose for their life.  Pour out upon them special blessings that they may share their joy with others so that all might see Jesus in them.


To learn about the loving kindness of this most extraordinary man, God's son, you should begin reading in the book of John.  Once you understand who he is you may want to except his gift of eternal life.  As you read the following scriptures the Lord will reveal to you how you may receive salvation through grace.

John 14:6
Romans 10:9-11
2Corinthians 5:15
Revelations 3: 20

You may need some guidance as to what to read.  If you click on the Bible button in the left hand column of this page it will take you to the International Bible Society.  From there you will find a button for the most commonly sought after verses.  You will surely find something there that will bless you.




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YEAR 2011-2012
To date we have now passed out 1700 Bibles

July 4th, 2011:  
This was our first parade for the 2011 year and it was Great Fun!!  We had never participated in the Campbellsville Parade, but heard that it had a terrific crowd.  It was impressive to see such community support considering the impending threat of  rain.  As I passed out the Bibles today I could not help but think of  all those who had lost their lives to ensure us the luxury of our  freedom.  More than any other I was reminded of the bondage we sometimes find ourselves living in and how it robs us of our joy.  Our little donkey is named after an old testament character named Moses who led the the Israelites out of bondage and the hands of Pharaoh.  Like the Moses of the Old Testament our little Moses spreads the good news of Jesus Christ who alone can set you free.  Within the pages of the Bible you received is the key to unlocking the secret of attaining peace and feeling abundant joy which God so desires for you in your life.  I pray that you will find time each day to spend reading God's Word and that through his Word any chains that bind you will be loosed.  John 8:31-32 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

June 9th, 2012:  This was yet another first for us.  The Brass Band Parade was one we had not yet participated in.  Also, Moses, who traditionally pulls our cart has been sick so that left Good As Gold, pulling our cart instead.  We were very proud of him.  This was his first parade and he did exceptionally well.  You know, firsts, can be exciting; however with them come a plethora of unknowns.  If you are like most we tend to find ourselves stressing over the simple things like what to wear, will everything go just the way I planned, and let's not forget all the what ifs..?   I question whether the Lord would have us devote our time to these kinds of thoughts.  When we give in to these notions we find ourselves looking at life's opportunities as obstacles to be overcome instead of avenues for which we may, through Christ, bless others.  Let us always be content with where we are and put God in control knowing that all will be okay.  I pray that through spending time in God's Word we will be reminded how richly blessed we all are.  Investing time in Thanksgiving to God leaves less time to ponder over what tomorrow will bring.  I pray that this verse will be one you can stand on when facing those "firsts" in your life.  Philippians 4:6  Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God ...